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Arlene Jacobs

I was born in 1934 in Longview, Washington. I started alto sax in the 5th grade in Tacoma, Washington.

After my family moved to California in 1948, I attended Santa Clara High, Live Oak High, and James Lick High, graduating from there in 1952. I participated in all the music programs available. In my Senior Year of High School I started playing flute along with the sax.

At age 18, I went to San Jose State for one year, then started working in San Francisco. I didn't participate in any music for several years. In the early 70s I finished my college education plus credential and began teaching elementary school, mainly in 3rd grade.

When all musical education in the elementary schools was stopped, I began helping the Bernal music teacher with the 6th-grade after-school instrumental program, helping prepare them for 7th grade music. This continued for about 20 years.

During this time I started playing in the orchestras for Community Theaters in the area. I played Guys and Dolls 7 times.

I played with several start-up big band groups, moving up to the Mike Sloan Big Band, which I played with for several years.

Several surgeries have slowed me down. During the last surgery I developed an infection. I have no memory of those several days.

I have three grown sons.