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Bob Gardner

On April 11, 2017, Bob Gardner was promoted from Sons of Jubal into the heavenly band. I hear he has already been granted a special dispensation, and will be issued a sax in lieu of the traditional harp. This page will be transformed from his bio to his memorial testimony. This earlier bio is from Valley Church of Cupertino, one of many places he served. His memorial service was held at Saratoga Federated Church at noon Saturday, April 29, 2017.

Sons of Jubal Bio

Instrumentalist (Soprano, Tenor, alto, and Baritone Sax; Oboe/English Horn; Electric Bass and Arco Bass)

Music has been an important part of my education from grade school on. I have played actively in school music groups through early college, when I turned semi-pro (Jazz). Previously, I have preformed as a semi-professional musician in various venues in the Southern California area, and occasionally in the San Francisco Bay Area. I have been a Vice President, Director of the San Jose Jazz Society (an education outreach) and served for 7 years on the Board of Directors from 1997 to ~2004. Currently I am an active member at the Saratoga Federated Church Orchestra and Valley Church Worship Ministries, playing services every week. In addition I am an active member of the Sons of Jubal Christian Big Band. I believe that my musical background has been an important factor in my business success. I strongly support music education in the community, and continue to support outreach events, i.e. Gospel Festival in Palo Alto, San Jose Jazz Festival. Bottom line; people who have seriously studied music (the combination of Math, Physics, and the individual’s creativity and interaction), simply make better employees.

Bob Gardner

In addition to my musical activities, I am a Silicon Valley corporate and engineering management executive and am currently the President and COO for Missing Link Electronics, Inc. in San Jose, CA. My wife Monique and I have lived in the San José area since 1980 where we raised our two children (now married adults and with our 4 grandchildren [2 each]).



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