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Dan Lagasse

Dan Lagasse

Dan Lagasse currently devotes his time to leading a cross cultural training group with Venture Christian Church. He is also heavily involved in planning for the iSpectra Global Conference that will be held in San Jose April 24-26, 2014. He serves on his church missions committee and is currently trying to write two books. He is engaged in a journey to visit 50 different ethnic churches in the San Francisco Bay Area - to better understand worship in a cross cultural context.

One book is about his life and ministry working among Kurds in Germany, Turkey and Iraq. The other book covers lessons learned while being hospitalized some seventy-five times. He has cystic fibrosis.

Dan Lagasse

He became permanently disabled after serving as the missions pastor for twelve years at Los Gatos Christian Church (now Venture.) He had a heart/double lung transplant in 1997 and two subsequent open heart surgeries. He is “alive in Christ” because it is no longer, “I that liveth, but Christ that liveth in me.”

For fun and relaxation he plays his trombone in three worship/performance groups: a big band, a combo, and a brass choir. He also built a street rod in his garage.

Dan Lagasse daughters

He has been married to DeAnna since 1984, and has two grown daughters, Jessica and Shirena.